Sunday, 1 April 2012

I Love Snow

I proper love snow, I do!  I love the silent pitter-pats as if falls, the soft icy blanket that lays itself across my face and tickles my nose, the diamond-encrusted sparkle as it lays in the sun waiting for my wellies to come wading through it and break the Magic until the next fall repairs it again.

The Snow Builds
As orange glows of manmade lights
Pierce softness of the night's delights,
I see the icy petals fall,
The roses of Jack Frost do call:
"Oh come and play! Do build us up!
Mould us, throw us, have a cup
Of festive cheer and winter joy!
Come play with us, each girl and boy!
Make people from our squeaky foam,
That way you'll never be alone;
For night has fallen, have your fun!
Not yet will come the warming sun."
Settling Snow
The honey-coloured skies of Winter
Plumps their cushions as they shift.
Winter's skies of mid-December
Bring the children icy gift.
A flurry here, a parcel there,
A gentle kiss on nose
To greet the children out of school,
Now dancing on their toes!
We hope that soon there'll be enough
To make snowballs and fight,
And bring up snowmen and their wives...
Please let Christmas be white!!!
That year, Christmas WAS white.  And I made a picture for the wonderful lady I met through a complete pooface - she promised me snow, and I got it.  She is my Fairy Snow-Mother now!

And if you are interested, I made a video of one of my Favouritest places to walk, Bolton Abbey.  Obviously, I had to take some Gingas with me...


I proper love snow, I do.

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